Why choose Padel Corporation?

We have found the right balance in all circumstances.
Our Padel courts are aesthetically beautiful, spectacular for viewing from inside and outside (also for the public), safe, and resistant to atmospheric agents.
Our prices are competitive, and we can offer a complete package with a reinforced concrete base and free consulting that will help you in the process of making your dream come true.

We have made our company as lean and smart as possible, with modular warehouses that work Just-in-Time and hired some of the best assembly teams throughout Italy. We work with professionals who prepare high-quality renderings and projects at competitive costs. We have no intermediaries or influencers, which translates into significant cost savings and, therefore, more competitive prices for our customers.

Built with carbon steel

Law and regulations compliant

Constructed in carbon steel and in compliance with the EN-1090-1 and NCT-2108 construction standards.

Padel Corporation was born to create padel courts with a modern and high-quality design. Perfect for customers who not only want a simple padel court but an elegant object, to add to their sports facilities, resorts, and, for those who have space, even in their backyard.

More and more are the requests that come to us from private individuals who want to replace the tennis court installed in their villa with a very modern padel court.

Padel Corporation

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