The "Italia" model

The ITALIA model, an elegant panoramic court with very refined and minimalist lines. It is painted with a glossy finish, which gives a fantastic playing experience for both the players and the audience.

Perfect as an in-door top product range. Constructed in carbon steel and in compliance with the EN-1090-1 and NCT-2108 construction standards.

International model

In-doortop of the range

The structure has a 10-year guarantee and has state-ofthe- art engineering features, such as for example the adjustment during the assembly phase of the glass line with that of the meshes, thus having a perfectly smooth surface at the impact of the ball, whatever the thickness of the glass that willbe mounted.

The "Valentino" model

It is constructed in carbon steel and complies with EN-1090-1 and NCT-2108 construction standards. It presents of pylons on the short sides of the field (commonly called Controventi), a detail that makes it resistant to winds up to 120 km/h.

It is equipped with 17.52 mm tempered and laminated glass (two 8 mm glass plates joined by a 1.52 mm pvb film) absolutely the safest product today for padel courts.

Valentino Model

Top of the rangepanoramic

The VALENTINO model has been designed for those who want a technologically advanced product that complies with the most stringent safety regulations. At the customer’s request, 12 mm or 6+6 glasses can be mounted.

The "Luxury" model

The Luxury model, top of the range of the Padel Corporation and best seller in 2021, is an exclusive Padel Corporation model. Different from any other court that you can find in various sporting clubs both in terms of design and construction technique. There are dozens of details that make it perhaps the most technologically advanced field on the market.

Luxury Model

Security athighest levels

It is the only field where you will not see a single bolt connecting the beams: they are all hidden inside the structure by watertight lids that make it not only elegant but eternal. Built with steel, hot-dip galvanized, and powder-coated, it fully complies with construction regulations and in particular with EN1090 and NTC 2018. It is delivered with an attached construction certificate and maintenance booklet. The court has a 20-year warranty.

The "One" model

The Padel Corporation model ONE panoramic field has been designed for all sportsmen who love to have fun one-on-one and for clubs that do not have enough space to install a traditional padel court.

It is constructed in carbon steel and complies with EN-1090-1 and NCT-2108 construction standards.

Modello One

Courtone vs one

All components are powder coated and, if used for outdoor, hot dip galvanized.
The ONE model has also proved very useful for single lessons with students.

The "Da Vinci" model

The new super panoramic model of the Padel Corporation. Available soon!

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