The "Da Vinci" model

The Da Vinci model is the result of a sophisticated combination of engineering and architecture. Its structure stands out for its robustness and, at the same time, unparalleled elegance.

The "Da Vinci" model

The futureof padel

The 150 x 150 x 5 mm tubes form the foundation of a structure that ensures a scenic perspective like no other, thanks to a view through glass panels completely free of obstacles. Dedicated to those who want the best without compromise, a perfect product that complies with all Italian and European regulations, especially EN-1090-1 and NTC2018 on construction. This is the future of padel, and you’ll find it at Padel Corporation!

The "International" model

The Italia model, an elegant panoramic court with refined and minimalist lines, and matte finish, offers a fantastic view for both players and the audience.

Italia Model

Top indoor model

The structure has a 20-year warranty and has cutting-edge engineering features, such as the adjustment during assembly of the glass line with that of the nets, ensuring a perfectly smooth ball impact surface, regardless of the thickness of the glass that will be installed.

The "Valentino" model

Built with carbon steel and in compliance with the EN-1090-1 and NCT-2108 construction standards, it features special tubular bars on the short sides of the court, which, together with the 1500 x 1500 x 4 mm thick columns, make the structure resistant to wind gusts of up to 120 km/h.

Valentino Model

Top panoramicmodel

The Valentino model is designed for those who want a technologically advanced product and compliant with the strictest safety regulations.

Il modello “Luxury”

Il modello Luxury, top di gamma della Padel Corporation e best seller 2021, è un modello esclusivo Padel Corporation. Diverso da ogni altro campo che potrete trovare nei vari circoli sia come design sia come tecnica costruttiva. Ci sono decine di particolari che lo rendono forse il campo tecnologicamente più avanzato presente sul mercato.

Modello Luxury

Sicurezza aimassimi livelli

É l’unico campo dove non vedrete un solo bullone di collegamento delle travi: sono tutti nascosti all’interno della struttura da coperchi a chiusura stagna che lo rendono non solo elegante, ma eterno. Costruito in acciaio, zincato a caldo di serie e verniciato a polvere, rispetta pienamente le normative sulle costruzioni ed in particolare la EN1090 e NTC 2018. Viene consegnato con allegato certificato di costruzione e libretto uso e manutenzione. La struttura ha una garanzia di 10 anni.

The "One" model

The panoramic court model ONE is designed for all sportsmen and women who enjoy playing one-on-one matchs and for clubs that have insufficient space to install a traditional 10×20 padel court.

Built in carbon steel and in compliance with EN-1090-1 and NCT 2108 construction standards, it is also TÜV SÜD certified.

One Model


All components are powder-coated and, if externally installed, hot-dip galvanised. The ONE model is very useful for single lessons by teachers with their students, who do not commit to a regular 4-player court.

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