Padel Corporation

Exponential growth and great ROI

Padel is the sport of the moment, which for at least the next ten years will have exponential growth in the world. You will have the possibility to optimize the available space, the dimensions of a court are 10 x 20 meters. It is about a third of a soccer field and half of a tennis court.

Then consider the return on investment; a Padel court has a very high turnover, a Padel match is played on average at €30 per hour. Multiplying this figure by the 8 hours that are played on average every day, it is clear that € 240 a day is an excellent goal. The initial investment pays off very quickly!

Padel Corporation

The Padel boom in Italy

Padel is currently considered one of the best investments for those who have savings and would like to open a small business, but it is also for those sports centers that have various tennis courts that are no longer profitable as in the past.

The initial investment is often made back within the first year, at the latest within the second.

A well-known tennis racket Brand has just published 2020 sales data in Spain (the most avant-garde European country in this sport) and padel racket sales were 65% of the total compared to tennis, beach tennis …

The same Sole 24ore, an Italian newspaper with a very attentive eye to business, wrote in September 14, 2020 … “The padel boom in Italy: new courts and investments in tennis clubs”

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