The structures offered by the Padel Corporation have been designed down to the last detail. Our engineers’ calculations have considered the weight of the glazing, the metal structure, and the external forces they will have to withstand, such as winds: our out-door structures can withstand winds of up to 120 km/h with no difficulty at all.

We will always suggest the right type of structure for the location where it will be installed, reminding the customer that economy does not rhyme with safety!

Glass panels

For generations, our master glassmakers have been making glass, and after a careful initial study, it was decided, in agreement with the owners, to only make the glass panes with a minimum thickness of 12 millimeters, rejecting a priori all lower cuts, which in our opinion are not sufficiently safe for users. Furthermore, the glass we use is all tempered using the latest processing techniques, which makes it particularly impact resistant.

As the safety of our customers always comes first, we also decided to offer the layered glass system, a much safer option because in the event of breakage, the glass does not explode as in the case of tempered glass, but the glass remains attached to the PVB film between the two panes, thus guaranteeing absolute safety for players.

Padel Corporation has been the first company in the world to install 8+8 mm laminated safety glass on a padel court at the blue Numana Resort, followed by all those who make safety their guiding star, starting with Decathlon Shops for which we are official suppliers. The panes are produced following the strictest Italian and European safety regulations, such as UNI EN 12150-1 EN 12150-2 EN 14179-2 for tempered glass and UNI EN 14449:2005 for laminated glass.


Starting from the raw material, which is made of carbon steel, our metal supports are first processed at very high temperatures, then hot-dip galvanised to withstand atmospheric aggression over time, and finally powder-coated. Padel Corporation offers its customers the possibility of personalising their structure, both in terms of construction details and in terms of colouring and customisation.

One detail that must always be considered is the galvanisation. Padel is a young sport here in Italy and most of the courts are less than two years old, and yet some of the club courts are already full of rust that considerably lower both the safety and the image of the club. Don’t be beguiled by low prices, yours is an investment that must last at least 10 to 15 years. What is the point of saving a few thousand euros and having poor quality courts already after two to three years?

Artificial grass

Several padel instructors have affirmed on several occasions that playing on our turf does not stress the joints at all, which is very important as padel is a sport of short movements and quick changes of direction that could lead to various injuries to athletes if one does not have a suitable turf. Pay attention to the surface you choose, not just for the safety of your users, but also for your wallet.

Although our turf has an average life expectancy of between 6 and 8 years, there are now dozens of clubs that call us to replace their turf with ours because after 2 years it is already to be thrown away. Padel Corporation uses only “GRASS PARTNERS”, a European leader in the turf sector for many years, and we have the exclusive market rights in Italy.


Padel Corporation voluntarily submitted all its courts to the controls of the strict German testing body TÜV SÜD.

After almost two years of tests and laboratory trials, it deemed them suitable and issued the world’s first certificate for a TÜV SÜD-certified padel court.