The courts offered by the Padel Corporation have been designed down to the smallest detail.
The engineering took into account the weight of the glasses, the metal structure and the external forces that they will have to withstand, above all the winds: our outdoor structures can withstand winds up to 100 km per hour without any kind of problem.

We will advise our clients on the type of court suitable for the position where it will be installed, remembering that saving does not rhyme with safety!


Our glass masters have been producing glass for generations and after a careful initial study, we decided to use only glass with a minimum thickness of 12 mm, discarding all the lower cuts, in our opinion not sufficiently safe for players. Furthermore, our glasses are all tempered with the most modern processing techniques that make them particularly resistant to shocks.

Since the safety of our customers always comes first, we have decided to also offer the crystal layering system, a much safer type as the glass does not explode as in the case of tempered glass. Instead, the crystals remain attached to the plastic between the two glasses, thus ensuring absolute safety for the players.

The Padel Corporation was the first company in the WORLD to mount 16 mm laminated safety glass on a Padel court at the Numana Blu Resort, followed by all those who make safety a priority, starting with the Decathlon Stores in which we are official suppliers.

The glass sheets are produced following the strictest Italian and European safety regulations, such as UNI 9001: 2008.


Starting from the raw material which is composed of carbon steel, with subsequent procedures our metal structure is first processed at very high temperatures and then hot-dip galvanized. This allows it to withstand atmospheric aggressions over time and finally powder-coated. The Padel Corporation gives the client the opportunity to customize its structure, both in terms of construction details and in terms of colors and customizations.

A detail to always take into consideration is galvanizing. Padel is a relatively young sport and most of the courts out there are less than two years old. Yet some clubs are already full of rust which considerably lowers both the safety and the image of the club. Don’t be seduced by the low prices, yours is an investment that must last at least 15 years. What is the point of saving a few thousand euros and having poor courts after 2/3 years?


Several Padel Pros have stated that playing on our synthetic turf does not stress the joints. It is crucial as Padel is a sport made of short movements and fast changes of directions that could lead to various injuries to athletes if you do not have the right turf.

Pay attention to the turf you choose, not only for the safety of your users but also for your wallet. If our synthetic turf lasts an average of use between 6 and 8 years, today there are dozens of clubs that call us to replace their turf with ours because after 2 years it is already to be thrown away; with the consequence cost of dismantling the old one, disposing it and reassemble the new one.

The Paddle corporation has the exclusive in Italy with “GRASS PARTNERS”, a company that has been a leader in Europe in the filament sector for years.