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How much does a padel court cost?

Our Padel Panoramico International model starts at €22,500. If necessary, a concrete base must be added with prices starting from €10,000. Variable costs might be added depending on the type of court chosen and the distance from the headquarters in Jesi, Italy.

Regarding prices, we would like to make a premise: as in all things, you need to plan and follow a certain order.

Padel Corporation will walk you throughout this journey, from the design to the construction of your padel court, always putting safety first and issuing, at the time of delivery, our certification of conformity, so that you can sleep peacefully.


Identify the location that we consider suitable to develop, which can be indoor such as a shed or a tensile structure, or outdoor such as a sports club, field, or beach.

The technician

Contact a trusted technician to assess the feasibility of the project in the location, avoid signing rental contracts for unsuitable locations, and make sure all the correct paperwork is done to start your business.

The supplier

We are the trusted supplier for your Padel investment. Even if it’s a new market we are able to offer you a complete service. Padel Corporation will walk you throughout the journey, from design to construction.

Padel Corporation

Safety and responsibility

Just imagine for a moment what can happen if a lawyer, business owner, or famous person gets injured in your Padel court. It could happen because we wanted to save a few thousand euros on the purchase price by opting for something cheaper … Better not think about it!

Your and our responsibility begins from the moment an athlete sets foot inside the Padel court; therefore everything must be evaluated with the utmost scrupulousness and decided without being impulsive. Do you agree?

Padel Corporation

An innovative line

We have opted for an innovative line; we certainly cannot say if it’s the best or the worst, only our clients can judge.

Of course, if we can make a comparison with the world of fashion, we don’t want to be a large-scale distribution chain but a great artisan tailor’s shop. The Padel court is a very important investment, not only for its price point but above all at the level of responsibility..

So, before buying a padel court, there are several issues that must be evaluated between company and client, first and foremost safety standards.

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